Tell me about your day
Tell me about your day
Let´s share some information about what you usually do on a regular day.
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"Daily Routines"
01-02-2014 09:32
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Daily Routines
Think about the activities you like to do the most. Also consider what you hate doing every day. Next, write a detailed description of how a perfect day for you is. For example: In a perfect day, I get up at 10:00am, I don’t have to do breakfast because somebody does it for me. I don’t have to go to school so I go to the gym and spend 2 hours there. For the next step you have to share “your perfect daily routine” in a forum called: “My perfect day”. Your contribution can’t be longer than half page. Post your composition in the forum and comment at least two of your classmates’ participations. Also you have to reply to the comments your classmates make about your work.
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